Club Championships


  • 10.00am Start.  Dress: Club Colours

Championships Committee: Shelly Curtis, Anne Kuhne, RobynFox, Mike Arnold, Russell Williams, Ian Wilson.



All individuals or team entrants are required to play in accordance with  the scheduling requirements of the relevant Controlling Body’s on the  dates and time set for the event.  Any changes to the schedule are  subject to approval by the Controlling Body only.

If your name is on the nomination sheet at the time of close of entries, you will be drawn to play. If you don’t play or you give a walkover you will be charged the entry fee for that event.

Non-attendance without an apology, may incur a suspension or fine as decided by the General Committee.

Members are required to contact the relevant Controlling Body, in the event of inclement weather, or are uncertain whether an event will be held.

If a player fails to attend within 15 minutes of the nominated starting time of an event without some notification, the match will be awarded to his/her opponent.

If a player, who is the member of a team, is unable to play in an event it is the responsibility of the remaining team member(s) of the team to organist a substitute, such substitute shall not have already played in a defeated team.

Losing entrants in individual events will be required to act as “markers” for the next game. Markers are to make themselves conversant with the  duties of a Marker as detailed in the Rule 55, of the Umpires Manual.

Dress for all Club Championship events: Players and Markers are required to wear Club Colours.

There is to be no roll up prior to the games official start time.


Club Championship Dates 2017 – 2018

Scheduled Dates of Play
Mens Nominations Close Rounds  1 & 2 Rounds 3 & 4 Round  5
Pairs 29th Sept 2018 2nd Oct, 16th Oct 2018 23rd Oct, 30th Oct 2018
Singles 18th Oct 2018 21st Oct, 28th Oct 2018 4th Nov, A.M. 18th Nov 2018 P.M 18th Nov
Fours 10th Nov 2018 13th Nov, 20th Nov 201 27th Nov, 4th December 2018
Triples 5th Jan 2019 8th Jan, 15th Jan 2019 22nd Jan, 29th Jan 2019
100 Up 4th Jan 2019 6th Jan, 20th Jan 2019 27th Jan, A.M 3rd Feb 2019 P.M. 3rd Feb 2019
Presidents Handicap 14th Feb 2019 17th Feb, 24th Feb 2019 3rd March, A.M. 17th March  2019 P.M. 17th March  2019
Golden Oldies 23rd Oct 2018 25th Oct, 1st Nov 2018 8th Nov, 15th Nov 2019
1st Year Bowler
Ladies Nominations Close Rounds  1 & 2 Rounds  3 & 4 Round  5
Singles 23rd Oct 2018 25th Oct 1st Nov 2018 8th Nov, 15th Nov 2018
Pairs 2nd Oct 2018 4th Oct, 11th Oct 2018 18th Oct 2018
Fours 27th Nov 2018 29th Nov, 6th Dec 2018 13th Dec. 20th Dec 2018
Triples 26th Feb 2019 28th Feb, 7th Mar 2019 14th Mar 2019
100 Up 15th Jan 2019 17th Jan, 24th Jan 2019 31st Jan 2019
Presidents Handicap 5th Feb 2019 7th Feb, 14th Feb 2019 21st Feb 2019
Golden Oldies 1st Jan 2019 A.M. 3 Jan, P.M. 3 Jan A.M. 10th Jan, P.M. 10th Jan
1st Year Bowler
Mixed Nominations Close Rounds  1 & 2
Fours 9th Feb 2019 12th Feb, 19th Feb 2019 26th Feb, 5th Mar 2019
Pairs 9th Mar 2019 12th Mar,19th Mar 2019 26th Mar, 2Apr 2019
Note:  All games are subject to Conditions of Entry.